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About Us

The Schwan Food Company conducts state-of-the-art food research and development (R&D) in Marshall, Minnesota, crafting and perfecting the products sold through its subsidiaries. Many area residents play a vital role in this process as sensory testers—paid taste testers who spend time tasting and carefully evaluating new food products in the company's Sensory Tasting Laboratory.

We are looking for taste testers of every age (18 and over), gender and ethnic background. People that live or work within driving distance of Marshall are encouraged to join the tasting team. You could be one of them!

What Does A Taste Tester Do?

Taste testers sample, evaluate and compare new or current foods to help us anticipate consumers' responses to the products. They use simple touch-screen computers to answer questions like, "Does this pizza have enough cheese?" and "Is this egg roll too spicy?"

Recent tests have helped the Schwan's Research and Development team fine-tune pizza products, Asian specialties, ice cream, cookies and appetizers.

What Requirements Must Taste Testers Meet?

Taste testers are required to complete a personal information form and accept the confidentiality agreement before participating in their first test. We collect some basic demographic information as well as your food preferences to help us determine what kinds of tests best suit participants' tastes and interests. This personal information and confidentiality agreement is updated on a yearly basis. We communicate with all tasters via e-mail, informing them of new tests that they may qualify for and ask participants to log on to our dedicated recruiting site to complete a short survey for each posting.

Because we care about the safety of our taste testers, please do not apply if you are allergic to any of the following food ingredients: wheat, eggs, fish, shellfish, milk, soy, peanuts or tree nuts.

What is a Typical Tasting Session Like?

As a taste tester, you will be contacted occasionally to find out if you would like to participate in a test that targets your demographic profile. After completing a short survey, and if you qualify, you will be informed what category of foods will be tasted and offered several available time-slots from which to choose. At this time you will have the option to choose an available time slot or decline testing on a first-respond, first-scheduled basis.

When you report to the Schwan’s Research and Development Center, the testing coordinator will explain the process and assign you to a project group seated in either individual isolation booths or a group-tasting environment.

A typical tasting session lasts about an hour. You will receive a food item to sample and the computer will guide you through the process of tasting several bites and answering questions about the experience. When you have tasted all of the samples and completed the computer questionnaire (minimal typing is needed), you will receive your compensation and be on your way.

How Often Will I Be Asked to Participate?

Depending on your demographic profile and the foods needing testing, you may be invited to taste products as often as every week (with a limit of three times a month) or as rarely as two or three times per year. You are under no obligation to participate, and you will be listed as a potential taste tester until you ask to have your name removed from our list.

Taste testers are independent contractors and not employees of the subsidiaries of The Schwan Food Company. Tasters are not eligible for employee benefits or payroll withholding and are solely responsible for payment of taxes on any gratuity earned for testing.

How Much Are Taste testers Paid?

Taste testers who complete a full testing session receive a minimum $15 gratuity. Subsidiary employees who choose to participate must do so on their own time.

Can My Charitable Organization Use Taste-Testing as a Fundraiser?

Yes. In fact, several non-profit groups in the Marshall area have found our tasting program a "tasty" way to raise hundreds of dollars for worthwhile projects. Encourage each member of your group to sign up today. In addition, we frequently test using children between the ages of 8-17 years old. When testing with children a key co-coordinator of the non-profit group is contacted directly by either phone or e-mail and is asked to arrange a group of children to taste test as part of their fund raising program. The organization receives a cash gratuity of $15 for each child that participates in the taste test. To find out more about fund raising with Schwan's Taste Testing, please contact us today.

To find out more about fund raising with Schwan's Taste Testing, please contact us today.